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fully faired recumbent motorcycle

Well, this is not really a post about recumbent bikes, but it has lot of to do with the recumbent world. Or better to say with velomobile world. You can see a video here under which describes a fully faired recumbent motorcycle which has been built by Allert Jacobs of Velomobiel.nl. He uses his experience [...]

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Sportcrafters Trike Trainer with Progressive Resistance

By BRYAN J. BALL Managing Editor I’ve been using a Sportcrafters Trike Trainer for years. The concept is simple. A tadpole trike won’t fall over when it’s on an indoor trainer. Therefore, there’s really no need for a heavy “clamp in” style trainer. A small set of mini rollers that sit under the rear wheel [...]

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TerraTrike Brings Back Popular "Bag and Flag" Promotion for 2012

TerraTrike Brings Back Popular

PRESS RELEASE - TerraTrike announces the beginning of its annual “Bag and Flag” holiday promotion. From now through January 1st, any customer who purchases a new TerraTrike either directly or from one of their dealers will receive a free TerraTrike seat bag and safety flag: a $70 retail value.

In order to participate in the promotion, customers must send in a copy of their registration card along with a receipt showing where the trike was purchased to the TerraTrike corporate office. Once verified, the accessories will be mailed to them free of charge. Customers ordering direct from the company will have their bag and flag included with their trike delivery.

“We have 5 different models that fit any type of riding, the most comfortable fully adjustable seat in the market, and a lifetime warranty on the frames with prices starting at $699” says Jeff Yonker, Marketing Manager.

"A TerraTrike makes the perfect gift for a loved one who is looking to get out and get active, so take advantage of this great deal for the holidays!" said Yonker.

For additional information on WizWheelz or TerraTrikes, contact Jeff Yonker, Marketing Director, at (800) 945-9910 or visit www.TerraTrike.com.

ABOUT WIZWHEELZ INC. - WizWheelz Inc. is headquartered in Kentwood, Michigan and is one of the largest manufacturers of recumbent trikes in the world. The TerraTrike brand has been manufactured for over 15 years and they maintain one of the industry’s most extensive sales and support systems, with over 175 distributors and dealers in multiple countries. Product and distributor information is available on the TerraTrike website at www.TerraTrike.com, or by calling (616) 455-5988 or 1-800-945-9910.

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Fast trikes – code: 3x700c

I have found a blog post on Electric trike mentioning some threads on BROL forum about trikes with all three big wheels. There is definetely a big demand for large size wheels on trikes as same as people want to have two 26″ or even 28″ wheels on their two wheel recumbents. Yes, it make [...]

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Hostel Shoppe Bent Ray Visor

By BRYAN J. BALL Managing Editor Most cycling helmets are not designed with the recumbent rider in mind. Even when the shape of the helmet itself is recumbent-friendly the visor almost never is. Most helmet visors assume that your head is bent over a set of handlebars. They’re either poorly angled, not long enough or [...]

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ICE offers a helping hand

ICE offers a helping hand

PRESS RELEASE - Getting on and off your trike isn't always the most elegant of experiences.

Some riders find they need a little help to get in and out of their seat. ICE have developed a smart accessory, Helping Handles, that make it easier to do just this. They provide a secure and stable hand-hold - far safer than using the handlebars - to grip for a smooth recline and easy rise. Helping Handles have an elegant design that blends with the features of the trike, and they don't interfere with the ride or fold.

Helping Handles fit all models in the ICE Adventure range, including ICE Adventure HD models. Order through your local dealer or direct from ICE by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

New ICE Helping Handles :: To help you get in and out of the ICE Adventure recumbent trike

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Hell's Recumbents: Bikers Owning the Road for Science

Hell's Recumbents: Bikers Owning the Road for Science

The title is misleading in service of a good cause. It is a noble way to justify riding your bike as much as you want.

There is an organization joining science with steely eyed adventurers, like your average recumbent rider. ADVENTURERS AND SCIENTISTS FOR CONSERVATION arranges connections between scientists who need observations and the outdoorsy folks who scrape specimens off their gear on a daily basis. Programs have mountaineers sending back plants and diatoms from the highest peaks and lakes.

The ASC website offers several programs available to cyclists. For example, a program at UC Davis is tracking road kill. They need people to send in reports of car-killed critters. It lets them track where the animals are and where it might be a good idea to build tunnels or overpasses for wandering wildlife. If you really know your animals, they might be thrilled to find where the last Ivory Billed Woodpecker was smashed flat, or how many tire prints will fit on a Burmese python.

If botany is more your thing, you can send in observations about invasive weeds or northerly sprouting trees responding to climate change. I don't know your interests or their needs. I know where you might be able to match the two.

You can look for mllipedes, mustard or Patagonion Provincial Parks. You can just tell them where you are going and send it in. These opportunities are worldwide. If you are reading this in Russia or Kenya you may still be involved. If you hit an elephant on your bicycle, tell a scientist. (What the elephant was doing on my bicycle I'll never know. That joke had to be used.) The advantage of the Roadkill survey is that you need never talk to the scientist. In most other circumstances the adventurer is matched with, and talks to, the scientist. For roadkill, you just need to know what it was and where you are. Then send it in from anywhere.

According to Gregg Treinish, the guy who had the idea to start this, the biggest flaw in the system is that people with good intentions do not always appreciate the strict attention to detail it takes to write for a peer reviewed journal (completely unlike this one). Matching the science with the expedition is one of the biggest problems and successes of the ASC. The ASC only incorporated at the end of 2011. In 2012, there has been a flood of publicity with a commensurate flood of opportunities for everyone involved.

If the Beagle had been a bicycle, I'm sure Charles Darwin would have started out just this way. You can do your part. Slide over to adventureandscience.org and click on Our Projects. Treinish said all the projects on the site are current. The Roadkill project is the simplest, but feel free to pick the one that interests you. Pika, ptarmigan, and pdiatoms ... oh my. 

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TerraCycle Expands Clamp Lineup

TerraCycle Expands Clamp Lineup

PRESS RELEASE - Almost a year ago, TerraCycle bought the Velogenesis seat clamp system and immediately began designs to expand the line.

Today, they introduce a useful, new, larger clamp to the lineup that secures a 3/4in tube to a 7/8in tube.

Originally designed to meet the demand for clamps to replace the adjustment pins on the larger diameter seat strut tubes used on newer model TerraTrikes, the new clamp has some other interesting applications.

The clamps work by independently clamping two sizes of tubing. No slots or changes to the tubing are required. In situations like telescoping seat strut tubes, the clamps allow you to replace the loose fitting pins with a clamp that grips both tubes securely, significantly stiffening the back of the seat. As a bonus, since the new clamp grips both the inner and outer seat strut tubes independently, when you loosen the clamp for the outer tube to remove the seat, the clamps will retain their position on the smaller tubes. When you put your seat back, things will go back to exactly where they were. No muss, no fuss.

The other interesting uses come on handlebars. Because handlebars are 7/8in, the new 3/4in-7/8in clamp allows for a wealth of fastening and mounting possibilities. TerraCycle will be developing some new accessories based on this clamp in the coming months. Stay tuned for developments.

TerraCycle VeloGenesis seat strut clamps :: Now available in 3/4 TerraCycle VeloGenesis seat strut clamps :: Now available in 3/4 TerraCycle VeloGenesis seat strut clamps :: Now available in 3/4 TerraCycle VeloGenesis seat strut clamps :: Now available in 3/4

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TerraCycle Expands Line-Up

TerraCycle has updated their clamp system line-up. TerraTrike owners and people using grip shifters on their trikes should take particular note! From TerraCycle Press Release… Almost a year ago, TerraCycle bought the Velogenesis seat clamp system and immediately began designs to expand the line.  Today, they introduce a useful, new, larger clamp to the lineup [...]

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Lady Gaga rides recumbent

Lady Gaga rides recumbent

Taking a page from our friends at Cyclelicious, we have for you today an image of celebrity Lady Gaga astride a Hase Pino recumbent bike. 

Actually, no, that isn't Lady Gaga. That's just an impersonator and two false security guards pretending to be "Lady Gaga for a Day" in Cologne on the eve of a Gaga concert in the city.

So how did even a Gaga impersonator end up photographed on a Hase Pino?

The Pino was rolling through as part of the 2012 Mood Tour, a bicycle tour held to bring attention to depression and refute the stigma attached to it. 

We can understand if you don't want to watch a video of a Lady Gaga impersonator romping around Cologne and not sitting on a Pino, but if you do...

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