The right to bare arms

While the temperatures in central Pennsylvania have been dropping, they're not nearly as cold as they usually are. Our riding season has been mercifully extended by Mama Nature and carbon dioxide emissions. 

But as the region cools into winter, it becomes time to take a look in the closet for our winter riding gear. Head wraps, gloves, riding jackets, tights, shoe covers - all the essentials.

But maybe it isn't jacket time just yet. Maybe it's just cold enough to warrant arm warmers like the hi-viz warmers from DeFeet. 

You see, one of the problems of being a recumbent rider is that there are all these hi-viz jerseys out there that do no good whatsoever. Why? Because we're lying on them. Yep, our comfy seats cum back rests cover up a majority of the back of the jersey, which is the part really needed for hi-vizibility. 

So how about some hi-viz arm warmers instead? Our arms are typically to the sides of the seat, which means they can be seen from behind. Handy (army) no?

By the way, we don't sell these at RBR. We just thought they were cool.

Written on Wednesday, 24 November 2010 15:17 by Administrator

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