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HPVelotechnik Scorpion fs

By BRYAN J. BALL Managing Editor Less than two years ago, a full suspension tadpole trike was a very rare thing. They were something that you may have seen on the Internet but you weren’t very likely to see them at a recumbent rally and you definitely did not encounter them on your dealer’s showroom floor with [...]

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More Wood!

Andrew Mills, a young fellow from London, United Kingdom, has posted some very intriguing photos from Cycle Vision 2010… including this beauty. You may have heard me drooling way over wooden fabrication before (a throw back to the canoe/kayak days) and though I had caught glimpses of this machine in other folks’ pictures I hadn’t [...]

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Aussie HPV… ooohhh!

The Aussie Cyclist posted this back on May 31 and said of this video “The first event on the AIPP calendar saw Victoria Park in Adelaide, South Australia come alive with teams from around Australia battling it out in less than perfect conditions. This first race was a 6hr event with the eventual line honours [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/06/09/12006/

RAAM 2010 - Day One

by Larry Varney Co-editor, ‘Bentrideronline Today was an easier day than yesterday, primarily because the crew worked itself very hard, getting all the necessities for the vans and the RV, affixing stickers and things so that the inspection would not result in any additional work.  I did what I could to help, but at around 11:00 AM, [...]

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The Luckiest Person In The World - that's me

Before embarking on Race Across America, recumbent cyclist Sandy Earl took a moment to reflect on her good luck.

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RAAM 2010

Today is the first of three big days at Race Across America, the 2010 and 29th event; the start for the Women gets away in Oceanside, CA – The Oceanside Pier. The Men start June 9th, and Teams on June 12th. Folks we’ll be watching particularly are: Barbara Buatois Bent Up Cycles Sandy Earl “The Ataxian” Kyle Bryant (Team FARA) Timothy [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/06/08/raam-2010/

Bent Up Cycles RAAM Updates

From Dana at Bent Up… Team Bent Up Cycles heads down to Oceanside this Thursday for the adventure of a lifetime!  There are a number of ways to follow us as we speed across the country: 1.  I’m sure there will be a very active, blow-by-blow discussion on BROL.  Our alternate rider, Chris Young, will be in [...]

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Performer Has a New Site

Performer Recumbents has an all new web site. You may not recognize the company’s name but you’ve definitely seen their products. Performer builds recumbents for several importers and eBay resellers. However, they’ve recently been moving a bit more upscale and selling some of their bikes and trikes through conventional brick and mortar dealers under their [...]

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Books: Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook Review

I like to read books that are recommended by people who are really knowledgeable on a subject themselves… it’s like getting the cookbook that other really good chefs think is a good read, that sort of thing. Friedel Rother and Andrew Grant over at Travellingtwo.com know cycle-touring! They have done a very positive review on the [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/06/08/books-adventure-cycle-touring-handbook-review/

I’m Doing This Again? RAAM 2010

by Larry Varney Co-Editor, ‘BentRider Online There are some who wonder if I have lost my mind completely - they were a bit concerned when I volunteered to crew last year, but doing it again seems to have confirmed it for them. And, they may be right - but this Race Across AMerica stuff definitely gets into [...]

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