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Not sleeping on the job…

A little Sunday morning fun… Found this little clip at Bikeportland.org in a Jonathan Maus post back on the 17th. These guys are so not sleeping on the job!

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The Trick… Just Keep Pedaling!

I had to watch this GIF file a few times to really understand just how outrageously lucky this person was! Just keep pedaling… [Thanks to Bike Rumor.com via Changeyourliferideabike.blogspot.com via Smashenger.blogspot.com]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/05/22/the-trick-just-keep-pedaling/


If you are from or near the Netherlands you probably are quite familiar with the Altena Bike line… They are well known for their two tandems (that is the Double Dutch LE above, and the Janus back-to-back tandem below). They also produce an “Opus3“, a separate module developed by Altena-bike to transform almost any ordinary bike [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/05/22/altena/

Cycle Vision and the WAW III

First, Cycle Vision. June 6 in Amsterdam; admission is completely free… looks like another amazing event See all the details at Ligfiets.net/cyclevision. As they used to say “Be there or be square”… assuming you are in striking distance of Amsterdam next month! And secondly the WAW III! Have a squint at these gorgeous pics (sample below) from [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/05/21/cycle-vision-and-the-waw-iii/

ROAM Pretest: 12 days – 1,957 km

The ROAM (Roll Over America) 2011 planning is still very active. Josef Janning, father of this scheme has just completed a 1,957 kilometer journey around Germany as a sort of personal pre-test… of himself, and to learn more about the mechanics of an extended journey. Josef has added notes on the trip to his RAOM [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/05/21/roam-pretest-12-days-1957-km/

The Week in News - 5/21/2010

Here is the mainstream recumbent news of note from around the web for the week ending 5/21/2010.

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Peter Heal…

Photo by Rick Willoughby – Pete 5km north of Doon Doon roadhouse Just a brief update on Peter Heal’s epic “PoitAroundOz” tour… A follower (described inside the group as one of us stalkers) by the handle “please2beseated” posted this note last night… fascinating. The man machine interface they call Poit is still rolling through the Martian landscape and [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/05/20/peter-heal/

Have trikes, want to travel…

I have a question to ask anyone who may know the answer, and this comes from a purely personal “need to know”. We have recently acquired a used motor-home and now I need to find some way to haul one Mango velomobile and one EZ-3 delta trike. This set-up above seems to be the closest fit [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/05/20/have-trikes-want-to-travel/

BentUpCycles: Carbent HPV Raven for RAAM

RAAM is just some 20 days away. Have a squint at BentUpCycle’s Carbent. Now THAT is “eye-candy” !!! See that entire Bentupcycles.com site →

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/05/19/bentupcycles-carbent-hpv-raven-for-raam/

UV-Cure Resins

Who knew? A whole lot of people no doubt but not me! There is a whole family of resins out there (for fibre-glassing, manufacturing custom parts, repairing just about anything that has been made out of fibre-glassed material) that cure in the presence of ultra-violet light… including sunlight. And, they cure quickly — in as little [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/05/19/uv-cure-resins/

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