Catrike's teflon bearings

If you're a Catrike enthusiast or just read too many forums, you might know about the dreaded Catrike shimmy that occurs, sometimes, on some models for some people.  The 2008 Expedition is probably best known for its shimmy, though not everyone experiences it and those that do generally agree that hanging on to the grips makes it go away.

But Catrike is nothing if not responsive.  They've created and released a new teflon bearing that is supposed to eliminate all shimmy in affected Catrikes.  If you're experiencing such a problem, you are encouraged to contact Catrike to see about replacement bearings.

Here's what Mark @ Catrike had to say about them:

Hey Cats:

I know inquiring minds want to know what this Teflon bearing is all about. It was not developed to fix any shimmy problem, but to make our direct steering better. And as a bonus, it does take care of any shimmy problem you may have. It takes road shock and dampens it immediately. Paulo worked very diligently on this product and it has been in the works for some time. We have tested a few versions of this and have done a ton of research and analysis before it was a go. It is a great addition to Catrike, will retro-fit on any Catrike that has headsets and is not a bushing like the early model. It fits inside the headset and replaces the top bearing and split crown race and does not require the 70 in/lbs of tension like the original headset with bearings on the top and bottom.

This will be a standard part on all of the Catrike line.

Big Cat, Human Powered Vehicles

They were good enough to send a batch to RBR, so here they are if you've been wondering what they look like.

Pile of Catrike teflon bearings Catrike teflon bearing lying flat Catrike teflon bearing standing on end

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