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Present at the rally with his folding recumbent bike was Rich Sadler. Not present was yours truly to get details while he was actually there in person. We've asked Rich to give us some info to post here so others can learn about the folder he has built and what's next for his folding bents.

sadler1Everyone who rides recumbents knows how great they are - until you have to transport them. Their length and bulk just don't fit into cars or onto racks very well. Air travel is especially challenging.

I've designed and built a recumbent that rides like a typical short wheelbase bike but that also folds up in about a minute to fit in the trunk of your car. With a little more disassembly, it will also fit in an airline legal suitcase for air travel without the oversize luggage surcharge. I've taken it to Germany (for the folding recumbent contest at SPEZI), Singapore, and to a tour in New Mexico.

Specs of the bike are:

  • Weight: 33 lbs (15 kg)
  • Wheelbase: 40" (102 cm)
  • Gearing: 3x8, 22 to 103 gear inches
  • Frame material: Chrome-moly steel
  • Seat: Foam bottom, mesh back
  • X-seam: 40-46" (102-117 cm) by way of sliding seat
  • Folded size (quick fold): 38" x 27" x 18.5" (96.5 x 68.6 x 47 cm)

I'm working on version 2 now to make it fold a little smaller and hope to develop the fixtures to go into limited production.

Thanks Rich!

recumbent_bike_folded recumbent_bike_under_construction

Written on Monday, 06 July 2009 14:52 by Travis Prebble

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