RBR to invade Bike Philly ... by invitation

RBR @ Bike Philly :: Travis was going to Bike Philly before it was cool. Now where is he gonna ride?The RBR extended family will be traveling to Philadelphia for the September 13th Bike Philly ride. Bike Philly is in its third year now and is a fantastic opportunity to ride through the heart of the city unencumbered.

I've ridden the first two years and can attest to the highly organized nature of this event. It's a beautiful ride and sorely needs more recumbent riders. My first year there, I thought there was a whole section for bent folks, but it was just for people who wanted to ride at a slower pace. What a shame.

If you attend, be on the lookout for the RBR logo jerseys. Come on over and say "Hi!"

Bike Philly features 10, 20, 35, and 50 mile routes through a combination of closed and shared streets. The 10 and 20 routes are completely closed to traffic and are perfect for family rides. My son Gareth and I will be rocking (well, rolling) the 10 on his Hase Pino.

Registration is still open, so if you live in the region, you could do worse than join us for a great ride. See you there!

Written on Friday, 21 August 2009 12:32 by Travis Prebble

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