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Interbike Day 3
Written by Travis Prebble   
Thursday, 24 September 2009 03:59

After yesterday's sparse report, we've got loads to say about the first day of the indoor expo. Our first target was ICE, but on the way there we ran into Randy Schlitter at the test track where he was watching over a Trizard. A Trizard with mounted panniers. Hmmmm. We didn't make it to the RANS booth today.

Interbike Day 3 :: Randy Schlitter of RANS (on the right) Interbike Day 3 :: The RANS Trizard, with panniers

We did, however, make it to the ICE booth where we learned all kinds of stuff. The 2010 models do not have a solid release date yet, only "some time in 2010". Don't look for these in the first quarter. But here is what's known. There are three models: the Adventure, the Sprint, and the Vortex. All three trikes feature the new ICE Trice folding mechanism which is a thing of beauty. We were asked not to shoot video of it, and we complied, but believe me when I say that the ease and speed of folding will have you wondering if its time to sell your current trike.

ICE has simplicity as a goal next year. They are reducing the product line from the mix of Q, QNT, T, TNT, and the varieties of stock colors to three trikes with one color each. This allows for a much clearer marketing message and a reduced headache for dealers who like to stock all the available models.

The Adventure, in blue, is the basic model. The Sprint is the mid-range model with suspension. The Vortex is the speed machine with a 700c rear wheel. Its black and red detailing is certainly striking.

Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE Interbike Day 3 :: ICE

Joining us was Pat Franz of TerraCycle. He pulled us off to the side and dug into his bag of TC goodies to show us a few items. I took a photo, but no notes, so you're going to have to guess what it is you're seeing. The mystery is part of the fun, right?

Interbike Day 3 :: TerraCycleInterbike Day 3 :: TerraCycle

I've got more to post, but it's 2AM. I need sleep. But here's what's coming in the followup, which will end up being the Day 4 report - Draftmaster, Triton, and Hase.

There are more Day 3 photos available at our Facebook page.

Written on Thursday, 24 September 2009 03:59 by Travis Prebble

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