RBR to carry Carbent

RBR is proud to announce that we will soon partner with Bent Up Cycles to be the exclusive northeast carrier of the CarBent line of recumbents.

Details are still in the works, but we plan to have at least one CarBent on the shop floor for your perusal.

Need info and photos?  Okay!

These beautiful bikes are light-weight, fast and built with the highest quality materials and components!

Filament wound carbon fiber tubes yield the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any carbon fiber tubing. Our tubes are custom-wound to exact Carbent HPV specifications, and have a breaking strength of 800,000 psi (as a comparison, titanium 3/2.5 is 89,900 psi and Aluminum 7005 is 50,800 psi).

Combine a beautifully hand-built frame with quality components, including Velocity Uriel wheels, FSA Gossamer cranks, and an Ultegra drivetrain, and you get a bike that is truly irresistable. And at less than 19 pounds, you won’t be carrying any extra weight up the next hill. The seat is fixed at 28 degrees. No, it isn’t adjustable. But it means that every watt of power goes directly from your pedals to the rear wheel. This bike will truly amaze you and your riding buddies!

CarBent Recumbent :: Seadragon CarBent Recumbent :: Seadragon CarBent Recumbent :: Ligher than air


Written on Monday, 02 February 2009 11:15 by Travis Prebble

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