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RBR Blog
Does it seem odd that people who work in a recumbent shop also spend their time being fans of recumbents?  It shouldn't. Does it seem like maybe we have better things to do? Perhaps. But the nice thing about having a blogger on staff who is terrible at builds is that he then spends his free time digging up news nuggets and drawing attention to the bikes and trikes we love so dearly.

Catrike jerseys for people who like blue
Written by Travis Prebble   
Tuesday, 21 July 2009 14:05

This one slipped right by me! Chaim announced on the Catrike forums about three weeks ago regarding the (then) immediate availability of official Catrike jerseys. They feature the Catrike and, oddly, SolidWorks logos on the front with a trike outline on the back. The jersey is produced by Primal Wear and is a club cut. The pockets are 3.5" x 5".

Price is $79, available only in blue, and can be ordered directly from Catrike.

Catrike Jersey :: Here's the front Catrike Jersey :: Here's the back Catrike Jersey :: Here's the side

You got multi-tool in my quick release!
Written by Travis Prebble   
Monday, 20 July 2009 08:32

The two great tools that taste great together? Perhaps! Pedro's (purveyor of bike maintenance products) is looking to introduce a new product in 2010 that fits a surprisingly useful multi-tool into the form factor of a quick release skewer. Called the "Tülio", it weighs 99g and features the following:

  • 4 / 5/ 6/ 8 mm hex wrenches
  • No. 2 philips head screwdriver
  • Chain tool
  • 3.0 / 3.2 spoke wrenches

It will be available in both 130mm and 135mm form factors and will sell for $40.

Pedro's Tülio quick release multi-tool ::

Tagged undertoolspedro'sTülio
HP Velotechnik to debut new ErgoMesh HS at Eurobike
Written by Travis Prebble   
Thursday, 09 July 2009 11:19

HP Velotechnik has unveiled on their site the new ErgoMesh HS seat for their Scorpion line of recumbent trikes. The HS stands for "high seat" (hochsitz) and certainly lives up to the moniker providing an 18" seat height on the Scorpion fx and just under 16" on an fs.

The additional height, however, comes with a limitation:

Photos of the Carbent Raven carbon fiber recumbent
Written by Travis Prebble   
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 21:46

We mentioned a while back two very important things. First, that RBR is the exclusive northeast dealer for Carbent HPV. Second, that we had a Carbent in the shop. Now we have the next very important thing - photos!

Before we get to the pics, let's remind everyone that a functional Carbent Raven clocks in at 19 pounds. 19 pounds! It's the only bike in the shop that requires little to no effort to hang on the wall or put up on a ledge. My high school book bag weighed more than this thing.

Video of Cycle Vision 2009
Written by Travis Prebble   
Monday, 06 July 2009 16:16

YouTube contributor harwig has uploaded video from Cycle Vision 2009, specifically of the one hour race. I've never before seen so many different types of recumbents in the span of two minutes sixteen seconds.

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